Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekly spinning

When I am in trouble with my knitting I usually turn to spinning...
I had three small batts I carded with 8 different shades from dark bordeaux through red to orange... I could have swear I had a picture of them somewhere but I just can't find it...But all through spinning I was echnated how it turned into wonderfully deep color, that showed up the different shades with a really close inspection.
The whole thing turned into 560 meter (90 gramms) of two ply. There are some mistakes in it, but considering how long I've missed, it is fairly OK I guess. maybe enough for smaller a Rock Island. Or who knows.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Long time no see

Where should I start? I think I lost the thread (so to speak) sometimes in late March...
University duties became way too much, and my posts became few and far between, when in mid-may I literally put down the needles.
Yes, you've read that right. I have put down the needles.
The truth is that I realized that I had so many exams, so many papers do that it is literally impossible to do it except with the outsmost concentration. "Just a little knitting" would not work, as I know myself, how I am capable of getting lost in a project.
So that was the "sacrifice" I offered to the gods of exams. No knitting. I admit I didn't said no crochet or spinning, but that would have felt like cheating, right?

The exam period was crazy. I was not myself. As I said I have not knitted, have not spun. My classmates saw me wearing black. Twice in a row. Then when my last exam were done, and I thought I could relax, I found ut my opponent did not liked my thesis as much as everybody I've shown it did. In fact he hated it, so I could not just halfheartedly prepare for its defence, but I troughly had to work for it. A lot. But then I did defended it as some said with an unforgettable bravado, but I will spare you the details, if you "talk" to me regurarly, you've heard about it more than enough.
One more admittance test and I thought I am really, really done, when a family crisis, involving a close relation broke out, meaning turning my world over once again, and more stress, more travel, then a lot of hospital visits, now more duties, so crafts got pushed back to the back burner once again...
Add to this some personal conflicts, which were not even real conflicts, but some reactions from people I do not understand, but some of them affecting me pretty deeply, so much, I was actually thinking leaving the whole crafting business behind.

Then somebody said, I would not e able to, after all it wasn't for nothing I've written my thesis on knitting and the Internet community aspect of it...and I had to admit she was right.

I am still not fully comfortable with my crafts (spinning/knitting/ crocehting etc) but there are lights at the end of the tunnel. Or that might be the train coming toward me. We will see.
Tomorrow a spinning post will come. That is for sure (almost).

Monday, June 30, 2014

The best supervisor

Do you know the joke about about the best supervisor? 
The little bunny is sitting at the edge of the forest and types something into his laptop. There comes the fox and asks:
“What are you doing little bunny?”
“I am writing my thesis” answers the little bunny.
“And what’s your subject is?”
“Well, how small animals can defend themselves from big ones.”
“But little bunny, you don’t know anything about that!”
“If you don’t believe me, come with me into the bushes and I will show it to you”

They go into the bush, there is the noise of fighting than the fox runs away scared to death. Little bunny sits back to his laptop and continue the typing.
There comes the wolf.
“What are you doing little bunny?”
“I am writing my thesis” answers the little bunny.
“And what’s your topic is?”
“Well, how small animals can defend themselves from big ones.”
“Ahhh little bunny, what do you know about that!”
“If you don’t believe me, come with me into the bushes and I will show it to you”
They go into the bush, there is the noise of fighting, leaves are flying around than the woolf runs away like chased by the devil. Little bunny sits back to his laptop and continue the typing.
There comes the big bear.
“Little bunny, little bunny what are you doing here”
“Working on my thesis, bear”
“On what I ask?
“How can the small animals defend themselves against the big ones.”
“Don’t make me laugh so hard…you have no idea about that one”
“If you don’t believe me, come with me into the bushes and I will show it to you”
They go into the bush, there is the noise of fighting, leaves are flying around, branches breaking than the bear runs away like chased by the devil.
Then from the bushed out comes the lion, brushing its paws, and saying with a big smile:

“You see little bunny, its not what you write your thesis on that matters, but who is your supervisor!”
That is exactly how I felt about my thesis supervisor. From the first time I had classes with her in my first semester I knew I like her and the way she thinks, what she likes, how she is. I had my very first university exam with her, back in 2011, in 23d of december in an empty building (there was about 5 people in there including the gateman and her husband waiting in the corridor) we already discussed possible thesis topics.
The fact that I knew already back than what I want to write about (the truth is I knew that before I even applied to the university) might counted in that I felt she likes me too. So it was obvious when the time really came that I signedwith her. All through I felt incredibly lucky that I found someone who not only lets me write about my chosen topic, but is enthusiastic about it and fully supports me. I trust her opinion with closed eyes.
It came a surprise to both of us when I received my opponent's opinion, which was close to devastating, however she did not let me loose it, but collected my pieces and helped me prepare to defend my thesis. All right, I am the type who when facing an opposition gets into the fighter mode, and got to our consultation prepared with some of the answer a few research and some more data, but she did gave me more literature to read a few very useful points to consider and a couple of websites to read in the next couple of days.
After all I managed to defend to my thesis with flying colors to the best possible degree, a feat that they will not forget for some time, but in all honesty, I could not do it without Larissa, my supervisor.
It was not a question that she should get a knitted present from me (strictly all official deal was done)... I had to think hard, just what to make her as she is definetly NOT the fancy-smancy-lacy type, and I had really no time to start dyeing and spinning up something where only the yarn would take the center stage...
The Spektrum shawl seemed the perfect solution, I had some Drops Delight in my stash, along with some grey alpaca... Ok, I do have a few Delight and a bunch of grey alpaca in my stash just for the day when the urge to knit something striped hits me, but anyhow...after my last exam, between bouts of preparing for my defense, I've knitted this beauty like crazy, which got ready after the last minute... I wrapped the still damp shawl to give it to her at the big day, and I hope she likes it...
Just as I hope I managed to make her proud. And I hope we will have a chance to work together again. 
Thank you Larissa. You were one of those, who made this last three years unforgettable and wonderful for me. 
Details: Pattern: Spektrum frm DROPS
Yarn DROPS Delight (three balls)
DROPS alpaca (Four balls)
Mod: Started with a  seventy some garter stitch tab, picked th stitches on its side, and kept 3 garter stitch in each side as an edge to prevent rolling.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Its official. He is 13. He is really getting to be a teenager. With all of its poblems and happiness.

13 years ago, I knew that whoever will come to my life with the baby I just had I will love him with all my heart.
Little did I know, that he will bring such challenges I still wonder if I can live up to or not. he is definetly not an easy child, that's fo sure.
But I had no idea either that he will show me a true heart. That he will become the kid, who would give the shoe off his feet (literally), who would give up his hard earned/saved money for someone else. Who would sit through a night and help me learn the names of a bunch of hindu gods, who would help me through the most grueling exam period, who would make me countles pots of tea, even cook dinner for that matter, and not to say a word when I just shoed him away.
Who still does not think that holding my hand and me walking him to school is uncool, who would sit by my bed holding my hand when I was ill.
Stay that way, my boy.
Many happy Returns.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

an other FO

And it is even knitting related :-)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Claim to fame :-)

More like keeping records, and not to loose the link than to bragging... Whichever, I am still so proud :-)


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Silk tour around the world

The lovely soft silk came from Mary of Camaj Fiber Arts, and I was asked to knit whatever I wanted to make out of it to use as a sample for the yarn.
I had two/three skeins of worsted weith to work with, so the amount limited my choices. At the end I settled on a neckwarmer with a simple but pretty lace pattern.
And a pair of mittens, an adaptation of my earlier design.
I also added beads, to the elbow length lacy piece.
The package is already on its way to home...umm Florida (after all these years, I still feel "homesick" for Florida).
It was an honor to knit for Mary whose youtube videos I learned so much from. I hope she will like them.
Photos: Christopher Laurent Deli